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I have a deep passion and love for music. I believe we all do, we may listen to different kinds, but we  all have music in common, so we’re off to a great start!  I have this desire to have lived in the 60’s and 70’s.  I am a fan of anything from the oldies, classic rock, psychedelic, funk, soul, pop, reggae, ska, hip hop…this list could go on. I like sports, talking and playing them, just don’t expect me to know all the stats. I dig baseball, tennis, basketball and LOVE hockey,  GO JETS…sorry 🙁 Above all I love going to see live music and dancing.  My favourite food groups are poutine,  pizza and sushi, so any suggestions of places that you like to go to and eat in the city, I would love to know (see email and twitter handle below). I love beer and red wine 🙂  I also love cooking, traveling, reading and documentaries…especially music documentaries.

I look forward forward to hanging with you from 7p-Midnight, Mon-Fri. See ya then!

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