Viral Twitter craze 'Dear David' is headed to the big screen

I don’t know about you, but I am OBSESSED with this Twitter account!

In August of 2017, myself and what seems like all of the internet became enthralled with the saga of cartoonist Adam Ellis.

Adam has detailed in many tweets an apparent haunting in his New York City apartment by what he claims to be the ghost of a young boy with a misshapen head. The phenomenon became known as “Dear David,” as the boy’s ghost was called by another girl in a dream Ellis had.

And the tweets have been nuts!


In the months that followed, Adam Ellis continued to update his followers on the goings on in his apartment. Some of which were absolutely terrifying!!

Other strange occurrences include his cats behaving oddly, objects seeming to move by themselves, shadowy figures appearing in photographs, and ominous phone calls. The boy’s ghost supposedly even followed him home for the holidays.

Obviously, there have been A LOT of people who are quite skeptical of the tale. For me? It sounds like waaaay to much effort for something that is fake but that is just me.


No details have been released but the saga is being turned into a movie.

Do you believe the Dear David Saga?

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