This 'Lonely Island' musical number would have made the Oscars better

Let’s admit it…

The 2018 Oscars were okay. Yeah, just okay. There were some great winners but nothing over the top that made the show super fun!

But, there is something that could have made the show MUCH BETTER and unfortunately, it was cut.

If The Lonely Island were allowed to perform their show-stopping number that is literally the best thing I have heard in a long time, it would have brought the house down!!

The short story goes that the Oscars approached The Lonely Island a few weeks ago to write a song for the show. **IF** you remember, they took the stage a few years ago with Tegan and Sara to perform “Everything Is Awesome”.

Well apparently, this new performance was just TOO AWESOME for the at home audience, so it was scrapped. Or apparently it was not “financially and logistically impossible.” 

But fear not!

The Lonely Island upload the video to their Youtube channel with this message…..

The concept of the entire video is bascially “Why don’t big blockbusters get nominated for any Academy Awards”. It’s almost like because they do well at the box office, that is their award right there.

But at least we will always have this masterpiece that could have been.


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