Mucho Mind Grind

“MIND GRIND” is a daily morning show contest that tests listeners brain power with topical trivia, while being under the pressure of time. Darrin and Colleen will choose a topic of the day and give listeners a chance to answer 10 questions in 45 seconds. If the listener answers more than 7 questions correctly, they will win!

“MUCHO MIND GRIND” will come when you least expect it – Darrin and Colleen will spring the MUCHO Challenge on a listener. Listeners will not be told the daily topic in advance. At the end of the 10 questions if they correctly identify the topic, they’re registered to WIN the month-end draw for the MUCHO MIND GRIND prize from H. Williams Jewellery.

Want to submit a Mind Grind?  Send it to

The May prize is….

A 14kt yellow gold double heart necklace set with 30 brilliant cut diamonds

Value: $615


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